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Salam al-Ann!
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You don't need permission to do the right thing ...

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We oppose violence, suicide bombings and extremism. We oppose fanatics who are Palestinian and Arab, fanatics who are Israeli and Jewish. Peace must be made between Palestinians and Israelis, not Israelis and Egyptians, Israelis and Saudis, Israelis and Jordanians, Jews and Muslims.

A vision from Salam al-Ann!:

Palestinians must start approaching the whole concept of communications in a broader more comprehensive way, instead of always focusing on writing Op-Eds, letters in anger or argument "against" something.

Many voices of peace from Israeli are not often disseminated to Palestinian audiences, or that are circulated only among the small informal "dialogue groups" -- which sometimes achieve only limited results. Dialogue groups must have long range visions that lead to activism and community awareness.

Creating a new organization called SALAM AL-ANN! (Palestinians for Peace Now) is essential to achieving a viable Palestinian State.

Our agenda is very simple and clear. We do not negotiate peace, but we do advocate for peace and compromise and the following issues (generally expressed below): 

  • Call for an independent Palestinian state with sovereignty in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and most of East Jerusalem (or in a shared Jerusalem). This means a Palestinian State that is viable and includes most of the land -- with only minor modifications made through land-for-land swaps. We need a movement to define exactly what we are expecting because clearly, Israelis are not hearing us.

  • Recognize Israel's sovereignty and security generally within the 1967 borders (some minor changes based on negotiations). This means accepting Israel as a Jewish State and saying it the way they need to hear it. We support a two-state solution, one Jewish and one Palestinian, both secure, sovereign and in borders defined pre-1967.
  • Support of the PRINCIPLE of the Palestinian Right of Return, but recognize that clarity for both sides must be realized.  Israelis and Palestinians should accept that some refugees are expected to be allowed to return to former homes or lands in Israel. 

    It is not possible, not realistic to expect all Palestinians will return.  Some have established lives in other countries. But, we ask that Israel recognize its responsibilities to compensate the refugees and consider all family reunification seriously.  

    We insist that Israel recognize its responsibility for causing the refugee problem and make every effort to work to compensate the refugees for the homes and lands that they lost.  We would support similar demands made by Jews who fled Arab countries in the same manner.

  • Jerusalem -- a negotiated agreement that either results in sharing or Palestinian sovereignty in those areas of East Jerusalem that are not Jewish (the Wailing Wall plaza and Jewish sectors of East Jerusalem should rightly belong to the Israelis). Decided through negotiations.
  • A complete removal and dismantling of all settlements in the West Bank, Gaza Strip.
  • The negotiated status of certain settlements in or around Jerusalem that have been annexed into Israel (such as Ariel and Gilo, a settlement originally created as a security post that has since become a "Jerusalem neighborhood). The status of these settlements should be determined by negotiations and discussions and their futures based on equal land trades.
  • A firm stand against all forms of violence, but specifically by being responsible for those forms of violence that come from our community, specifically and clear, separate denunciation of violence by Palestinians against Israel. Why make this demand? Because we are responsible for ourselves. We cannot demand that Israel's government stop the violence against Palestinians if we do not first demand that we stop the violence against Israelis. This is a moral position we must accept and does not undermine our right to demand forcefully that Israel's government end its violence against Palestinians.
  • A call for Palestinians and Israelis to return to the formal negotiation process. To build a strong voice by both sides demanding that the representatives of both sides go back to the table and negotiate.
  • A call for both sides to bring the volume of anger and hatred down to a level that replaces emotion with reasoned and positive-intended passion. We can argue and we can disagree, but we don't need to hate.

These are very simple concepts (expressed in general terms to convey the intent only) that must form the basis of a Palestinian effort in support of peace. We can fine-tune them through discussion.

If you believe - really believe in compromise with Israel based on land-for-peace and the goal of a two-state solution, they you will support us. Agreeing to recognize Israel does not mean that we have to give up our souls, or our individual views of history. But it does mean that we look ahead, not backwards, and find a way to end the conflict based on compromise not violence, hatred or rejection of what is right and moral.

Please circulate these principles and help us build


Salam al-Ann was formerly called Yalla Salam!

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Ray Hanania

(Ray Hanania is the former national president of the Palestinian American Congress, a former Midwest activist with the Arab American Institute, a former Chicago ADC Board member, a board advisor to the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism, co-founder of Comedy for Peace, and an award winning nationally syndicated columnist.)

Saffiya Shillo
Chicago Region Organizer

Saffiya's Blog

(Saffiya Shillo is a national board member of the American Task Force on Palestine, former Chicago President of the Palestinian American Congress, and a peace activist advocating the two-state solution and the Geneva Accords)

Help us launch satellite initiatives around the country.

Be wary of racist hate sites that claim to promote peace but are saturated with racial hatred and one-sided bigotry. Principle is not the armor of one side. It is a line that defines the moderate voice. Extremists on both sides, Jews and Arabs, exist and need to be silenced by the growing outcry of moderates who embrace fairness and who stop always blaming the other side.

The articles below are intended to help you understand the driving force behind Salam al-Ann!

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Start your own local Chapter of Salam al-Ann! today!

* Begin by bringing together other Palestinians (and American Jews) in your city who share the belief in peace based on compromise and who oppose violence.

* Form a steering committee (don't worry about electing presidents, boards or a formal structure.)

* Discuss the principles as stated here but don't formalize hard and fast positions. Envision your own principles based on these beginnings.

* Do Something. Create events. Meet together. Don't just dialogue. Dialogue with activism.

* Network. Link up with other groups and find ways to promote the cause of peace.

* Once groups are formed in other cities, we can send representatives together to discuss how we can move forward and fine tune to the wording, and maybe add other important principles.

Keep in mind, we are not doing the negotiations. We are only helping to mold the positions that will be negotiated. So our role is to provide a vision of generally what could happen, speaking to the needs of the Israelis while they are encouraged to speak to the needs of the Palestinians.

Contact me and provide your contact information so we can coordinate together.


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